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Three Networking Tips In 30 Seconds

By Zale Tabakman

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There are at least three tips here that will work for you.

Tip: The best place to network internationally is . Everybody there wants to network, because they have joined it. For example - here in Toronto I have been helping a recruiter in England find a CFO for an Israeli company. These are all people I have met through LinkedIn. I have over 2,100 people who have said they want to be my friend and connect to me through LinkedIn. Through those people I know 520,000 people. Tip:  If you are not using LinkedIn everyday in business - then you are missing business opportunities. Check out my profile at for an idea of what to do.

Tip: The best place to network locally is a board of trade or chamber of commerce . My favorite boards in the GTA (Greater Toronto Region) are located in the York Region. And some of the nicest people in the GTA belong to the Markham board of trade and of course Hydrogen belongs to it. If you are in the GTA and not part of the Markham board of trade  - contact Diana TODAY at 905-474-0730 or  and join. Make sure you let her know I sent you.  Tip: If you are part of a board of trade - MAKE SURE YOU SHOW UP REGULARLY- it takes time and effort to make friends and business contacts.

Tip: Do the networking math. If you were to spend time looking for a customer. It takes about 9 contacts to get somebody to talk to. In general cold calling for a customer can take one day to get 5 decent contacts with no time to follow up. The cost per lead is based on your hourly rate. So if you are worth 50/hr your cost per lead is 8*50/5 = $80. Go to a two hour morning networking session and you are almost guaranteed to meet and speak with at least 5 people. Let us say you do a Board of Trade event at $25. Your cost is (25+2*50)/5 = $25 lead. Tip: And if you are smart and continue to attend the same group regularly - your cost will diminish significantly because of the referrals that you will get. A board of trade or a www. BNI .com group is a great investment in business development for smaller businesses. For products or services that invoice over $50K require a different approach, contact me for some similar cost effective methods.

Tip: Never ever forget the people you already know. As you know, I love to talk and I attend networking events several times a week. Sometimes I am surprised at how people don't know how to take advantage of the opportunities offered. Contact me for an article entitled “Networking Insights” on how to take work these events to your satisfaction. Tip: Pass this article along to all your contacts - they will be glad to hear from you.  A simple e-mail reminds people what a nice person you are.

Tip: Contact me for other interesting articles like this one. And j oin the newsletter for a wider range of articles. Let them know I introduced you. There is no charge for the newsletter.

Zale helps companies get a 25% annual increase in revenues. E-mail him if your growth is lower.


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