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Give Us More "Mercial"!


I watched a lot of TV growing up. And my mom always said, Tsufit, go do your homework. You can't make a living from watching TV. Sorry Mom, but I do make my living from watching TV. (What's trigonometry done for you lately?)

I watch the shows, but mostly, I watch the commercials.

A business networking infomercial is a show, a mini show, but a show nonetheless. Look how much TV commercials communicate in just 30 seconds. Enough for us to run out and buy the product.

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make in their networking introductions is overeducating their audiences.

I learned about critical illness insurance from a financial planner who came to networking events and talked about it. Over and over again, every month, she explained it. Finally I investigated it further and decided that it was great product. And I bought it.

Not from her!

I bought it from another insurance agent. Why? Just 'cause I just liked him.

Be careful not to fall into the Over Educating Trap. You have OTHER things you need to communicate too, things like warmth, trust, credibility, flexibility, likeability...

If you've only got 30 seconds, spend no more than 5-10 seconds on information and the rest on attracting your audience.

I was giving some Unsolicited Advice to an accountant a few years ago about her infomercial. She seemed cold, unapproachable and even a bit intimidating when she spoke. And chock full of info. I told her "Lady, lose the Walter Cronkite" and gave her the tips I'm giving you. Later, she told me this story.

She was at a Chamber of Commerce networking meeting and did a new infomercial which was more about showing her personality than delivering information. Another accountant stood up and gave information including the fact that he did Quick Books. She didn't mention that she did Quick Books. Someone came up to her afterwards and asked if she did Quick Books and hired her!

Why her? The other guy said he did it. Why her? Because she attracted! The moral of the story?
If an accountant can do it, ANYONE can!

So, Tip #5, "Less Info, More Mercial".

Next time, in Tip #6, we'll talk about the power of focus in your infomercials.
Until then...

Here's what TOM PETERS says about my upcoming book:

”Step Into The Spotlight! is a necessary and delightful book. Necessary, because in today's world it's 'Distinct or Extinct.' Delightful because treating business and your career as show business is a heck of a lot more fun than approaching work as a cubicle slave performing a dreaded necessity.”
Tom Peters, co-Author, In Search of Excellence

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