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Lose the Corporate Speak


In article #1, we said goodbye to cold calling, goodbye to being a salesperson, and hello to being a star!

The first step in learning to attract clients, is to learn what NOT to do.

As promised, here are the 3D's of Speaking in Public, the 3D's of giving a speech, presentation or just a 30 second infomercial at your local business networking meeting.

3 D's of speaking in public?

1. Don't Bore Them.
2. Don't Bore Them.
3. For G-d's Sake, Don't Bore Them!!

Business doesn't have to be boring. You can't bore people into buying.

Ever been to a Business Networking Event at your local Chamber of Commerce? They don't call them the "Bored of Trade" for nothing.

Sometimes I find myself at one of these meetings, stuck between an accountant in a blue suit and a financial planner in a grey suit and I'm thinking, if one of them drops a little scrambled egg on his lapel, at least it'd add a touch of colour!

How do you make sure you're not one of them?

Be careful what words you use.
Don't be using words like...
* Technology
* Solutions
* Advanced,
* deliverables,
* value added,
* "best customer service"
* module,
* HR
* IT
* communications
* integrated
* corporate
* systems
* soft skills
* "We service small to medium sized businesses"
* "For all your blah blah blah needs"

* Colourless
* Meaningless Filler
* We don't know what you mean
* We don't believe you anyway
* Can't see them!!
* No flavour
* No story

So, Tip #2, Lose the "Corporate Speak"!

We'll talk more about how to do this next time in Tip #3.
Until then...

Watch for the release of my upcoming book "Step into the Spotlight!--'Cause ALL Business is Show Business!" It's an Entrepreneur's Guide To Getting Noticed!


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