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The Show Biz Attitude


It's Noisy Out There!

And everyone wants to get noticed. We're living in an "over-communicated" society. Consumers are on information overload. So how can you get your audience's attention? Sooner or later, most entrepreneurs resort to the chase.

Don't Cut to the Chase!

Imagine you're walking down the street, minding your own beeswax, thinking about how you can get your own reality TV series, when, all of a sudden, out of the blue, someone starts chasing you!

What do you do? You run. But, he catches you, by the arm. What do you do now? You struggle! You try to get away! Natural instinct, right?

Too many entrepreneurs are chasers! They chase their potential customers with cold calls, and emails and faxes. And what do their prospects do? They try to escape! No one likes to be caught! It's dopey. Because what works, is exactly the opposite.

Business is a seduction.

If you learn the art of attraction, throw in a little bit of showbiz, you'll never have to make another cold call again.

Cold Calls Leave You Cold?

I'm not saying cold calls don't work. They do. But cold calling is chasing. Cold calls diminish the caller and creep out the "callee". They're an intrusion. They're uncomfortable and they're unnecessary.

Today, most products and services are bought not sold. We have no patience for the Willy Lomans or the used car salesmen of the world.

30 Seconds of Fame

Business people love to tell you, "It's all about long term relationships. You can't get a new client in just 30 seconds..." Poppycock! I attract more than half my clients in just 30 seconds. For me, the long-term relationship starts after they become a client.

So how do you attract?

Read the entire series of special bite-sized mini reports, filled with tips that'll help you hang up on cold calls forever and start attracting--in just 30 seconds! But for now, I just want you to make an attitude adjustment. You are no longer a salesperson. You are a star!

In Tip 2, we'll talk about the 3D's of Speaking in Public. Until then...

Watch for the release of my upcoming book, Step Into The Spotlight! 'Cause ALL Business is Show Business, available soon. It's an Entrepreneur's Guide To Getting Noticed!

Tsufit is a coach specializing in helping entrepreneurs and keynote speakers and authors captivate their audiences. To receive all the articles in this series, enter your name at More information on Tsufit at

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