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Top 10 Tips for Effective Networking

By Donna Messer

  1. Keep your business cards in your right pocket.
  2. Collect business cards and place in your left pocket.
  3. Wear your badge on the right side.
  4. Ask how best to communicate for future contact.
  5. Ask for the name of the person who answers the phone.
  6. Ask if the fax line is dedicated.
  7. Send all emails with relevant information in the subject line.
  8. Do your homework before reconnecting, use the FloWork system.
  9. Use the RISE Philosophy – Rapport, Information, Solutions, Ethically.
  10. Make each connection profitable for both sides.

Donna Messer is Canada 's Networking Guru. The founder of ConnectUs Communications Canada , she wrote the best-selling book Effective Networking Strategies , is a keynote speaker, and facilitates MiNet™ Speed Networking events. She travels across Canada and throughout the world, and you can book her by emailing

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